Mrs. Peters

avatar jodi

I am so excited to get to know you this year! I have been teaching in the Irvine School District for over 30 years! Up until this year,  my entire career has been spent at Northwood Elementary School teaching almost every grade, but the majority of my experience has been in second & third grade.  I loved teaching at Northwood, but the idea of starting a brand new school and being part of a new community at Beacon Park was just to exciting to pass up!

Besides being a teacher, I am also a wife and a mother. I have 3 amazing children whom I am very proud of. In my free time I love crafts and hobbies that allow me to be creative. Teaching is my passion. One of the most exciting things about teaching is finding creative ways to engage students. My goal is to help students become independent thinkers and problem solvers. I want to help foster their love of learning and to teach them skills that they will need to help them be successful throughout their lives. I look forward to our year together!